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Your employees are selling broken things and now I can’t return it My name is Erick Pucillo on Friday I bought a Bluetooth speaker and it Sylvania OK not charging not connecting and I went there this morning to go return it and they told me that the night people weren’t supposed to sell it because it was returned already your policy because of covert 19 cover 19 is going to last for years so are you not going to return stuff for years I think it’s a gimmick on your part but I will tell you guys that if I can’t return it and I don’t get a call back by tomorrow my telephone number is 973-760-**** I’m going go all over the Internet and I’m gonna post it on Facebook And I guarantee you by the time I’m done there will be no family dollar because like I said it’s a gimmick you’re not gonna return things until COVID-19 is over and it’s going to be quite a few years before it’s over so you get to keep our money and we get to lose our money for stuff that we buy that doesn’t work write up lead Bluetooth speaker Sylvania black silver with blue lights but nothing works because nothing will charge and they weren’t supposed to sell it to me so like I said it’s a promise because I think your company is trying to play with your customers money especially at this time it’s wrong to do but if I don’t hear back from you guys tomorrow I’m going on YouTube and I’m gonna put it all over the globe how family dollar likes to take peoples money and not return stuff especially things their employees are not supposed to sell once again my address is 4222 N. 14th St. Tampa Florida seminal Heights 33603 that is my address in family Dollar I went to is on Celia and Nebraska

Location: Tampa, Florida

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Oh look Florida man strikes again!! You do realize that you have no power right?

That all your efforts will be useless. You seem to think that ppl will care. They don’t. For all anyone knows you dropped it before ever getting it home and are trying to use the internet as a form of cyber bullying.

Did you ask for a refund or an exchange? They would probably exchange it for you. I swear you ppl must just live in bliss for all the ignorance you show!! You have no power to force them to do anything.

They will be here after you’re gone.

We all make a bad purchase and it’s a mark of our maturity on how we handle it. Obviously you handled this very poorly.

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