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Hello, My name is Jeanetta Watson

On Monday April 30, 2012 I was at work (FAMILY DOLLAR STORE #1586). I am a cashier for family dollar. I came to work from 8am to 3:30pm. When I got to work my (NEW) Assisted Manager Karen was their to let me in. Every morning if you are a cashier you are supposed to count down your drawer in front of your manager or assisted manager to make sure you have the correct loan of a 100.00 in your drawer before you can start ringer customers out. On that day Karen and I counted my drawer and my drawer was 101.15, so it was over $1.15 cent. Karen told me not to worry about it and just keep going because somebody must not have counted it correctly the night before. So she put my loan in for 100.00 dollars and we went on with the day as planned. As time came near for me to get off of work, my money was running low and my drawer and I ranged the bell, which lets her know I need her help... No answer the first time so I ranged the bell again a second time... she finally came and asked me what did I need. I told her I was running low on dimes and I needed some more..... Now just in case some of you who are reading this are not aware when you are working with money it comes in rolls, which mean: $0.50 cent for pennies, $2.00 dollars for nickels, $5.00 dollars for dimes and $10.00 dollars for quarters. So with that being said, I asked Karen if she could give me some more dimes and I handed her a 10 dollar bill ( which mean she would have gave me two rolls of dimes ).. She ONLY handed me one roll of dimes , which mean she still owned my drawer $5.00 dollars... When it came time for her to take me off the register and put my other team mate on.... we went through with the switch and went to the back to count down. When it came for me to make my deposit ( my drawer came back $-10.42 cent short. I told her that was a mistake and put the -$10.42 cent into the deposit log and clocked out.

I was sitting at home that following evening trying to figure out where could that -$10.42 cent had went, then it hit me. I went back up to my job and asked my team mate if Karen was still their and my team mate yes, she is in the back and asked me when I go back there can I let her know that she has been ringing the bell and she needs her help, I went to the back and found Karen I said, I know where the 10.42 cent went, she asked me where and I told her remember my drawer was over $1.15 and you still owe my drawer $5.00 dollars so really my drawer was -$4.17 cent ( because negative 5 dollars is a write up and -$10.00 is termination ) She started to denied she own me any money and I was wrong and she wouldn't do that to me etc, etc... So I told her On Monday April 30th, 2012 to check the cameras and you will see me handing you a ten dollar bill and call me when things get figured out... Tuesday came and gone, nothing from Karen... Wednesday gets here and it's time for me to go back to work... As soon as I walk into work ( Family Dollar) I clock in, go straight to the back and ask Karen what happened since she didn't give me a call like I had asked. Karen went to explain that she got up on her day off Tuesday May 1, 2012 and called my Store Manager Chris Cook to explain to him what had happened and what should she do.. She told me that Chris said when taking me off the register and putting my other team mate on the ten dollars must have went to the other team mates drawer and since I didn't get a call back on Tuesday May 1, 2012 that means I had nothing to worry about and everything is fine... I go back to work on Monday May 5th, 2012 my Store Manager Chris Cook tells my assist manager Mary Brooks to tell me to go the back office.. I got to the back and ask him is something wrong he Tells me yes, I said well what is it he tells me that I was negative $10.42 cent and he was going to terminate me.... I said hold up, now thought this matter was handle a week ago and Karen told me everything was okay... Chris went to explain that he didn't know what I was talking about and wanted me to sign a write up saying I was negative ten dollars and told me I would be terminated. I explain to him what his assisted manager Karen told me on May 2nd, 2012 and Still wanted me to sign the write up, I REFUSED to sign it because, I told two different things and I can't my name on that write up...... So Chris Cook Suspended a told me I could not come back to work until, Loss Prevention come in and take a look a the cameras.... That was Two Weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything from Chris or Karen... So I finally called them today to see what happened, Chris told me that Loss prevention didn't see anything unusual, so I was going to have to be fired... So if Family Dollar Corporate is reading this .. I did File a Lawsuit against you today for Wrongful Termination

Jeanetta M Watson.

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You did the right thing. Good for you!!!!!


I am a former Store Manager, and no employee is allowed to put their hands on anyone no matter what, let alone a customer. Family Dollar does not have Security Guards, as they would rather catch employees doing wrong, or lie, and say they did.

I was called in on my day off May 7th Mon....at 430pm by my DM...my only day off i had in 3 weeks. Mind you my staff consisted of myself, and 2 cashiers. She babbled on saying i didnt do my job, i couldnt play the victim just because i had no ASMs. I said before you say anything else, are you taking my keys...she said yes.

(She being Renata Newton) who lies to cover her own *** So i gave my keys, got my stuff, and left. She lied tothe regional VP, said i quit...lied to unemployment as well, saying i assumed she was going to fire me, and i walked out. Not true. I knew she was going to fire me, because she 1 could have waited to babble on on tues when i was scheduled, and 2 everyone told me she hired someone to take my spot and had them in training 3 weeks prior to my dismissal.

I have contacted a lawyer, and i will file suit for wrongful termination, slander, labir laws, such as working 15 hour days with no adequate breaks, bathroom, or otherwise, working more then 30 consecutive days without a day off, and the list goes on. So buckle up Family Dollar, youre in for a whirlwind!


Well technically you were still short by $6.57 -- 10.42 (short) minus 5.00 (the roll of dimes) add 1.15 (overage) = 6.57 under the termination limit (didnt exceed 10.00) so should have gotten write up not fired.. They wouldn't let you put ten bucks in the till to avoid all of this ?

Regardless, it happened and this an old post so you should have moved on to bigger n better.. O well .


If you got fired from family and out as a no rehire but works at dollar tree and they merge does it mean you was nevered put down as a no rehire ?


I have a question if anyone can answer..If im listed as ineligible to rehire,can it be lifted?Uf im in a different state if the stire wabt to hire me?

to Latonya #1359691

First of all,learn to type correctly and secondly. Or they won't re-hire your dumb ***

to Anonymous #1452019

You’re not your


I am an asst for family dollar and I am fixing to give my notice. Tell me why the store mgr gets 48 hrs a week and assts only get 35 to 36 and yes we work 6 days a week. I do more work than the mgr does and my store mgr is mental

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1222799

I was wrongfully terminated as well! At the Family Dollar in Chicago, the system would ALWAYS mess up saying that I was over or in the negative $1000+ which makes no sense at all!

But for two days straight my register said I was over $40.49 the SAME amount each time, no way that could've been true because if I'm ever over or in the negative it's always a few cents.

I told my manager that I counted all my money correctly and typed it in right but he said that at the end of the day I should be responsible for that money. I ended up getting wrote up 3 times and fired, I'm currently debating if I should ask can I get rehired, I'm a full time college student and its very hard to find work as it is.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1190630

I was wrongfully terminated too from Family dollar recently! So sorry to hear that!

I was an assitant manager and I defintley would of had your back. It seems to me ehen they dont eant someone they do these things! I really know what you are going through. Feeling betrayed and totally was wronged!

Im gonna sue them as well for wrongful term. Good luck and God bless honey!



For the insulting gentlemen below. :)


Ive had a similar experienced, I've been short 40$ after giving 40 to a fellow employee, then came short 40$ later on...which wasn't even possible being that I didn't even handle change in 20's at all that day. *** happens, get a better job.


Hey I also been working in family dollar . But I've been thinking lately it's alot to handle


That's how family dollar move guiet *** kept they just did want u there nomore in that's was they way of getting rid of u the set up they ate no good

Flint, Michigan, United States #1089282

Jeanetta if you see this can you call me at 8109622605 we need your help


I love shopping at family dollar but will never work there again, mainly because I had a store manager with no heart or common sense. Her only mode of communication was to scream and cuss you out, whether your fault or not.

I was terminated, but was quitting anyway..so made no difference to me.

It was only a part time job, as I work full time in a doctors office. Good riddance is all I have to say...


Hope everything worked out well for you Jeanetta. Sounds like you were done dirty.


Hi I know it's been a while since this happened but my son just got fired from family dollar for a mistake that his manager made, how can we sue them, what ate the first steps, who do we call, please help me.


I worked loss prevention for family dollar for three years, and most of these managers and even so called loss prevention people have no clue how to do a proper investigation. I'm sorry you had to go through this, I hope you get all you deserve.

to Anonymous #1097761

Hi I worked for family dollar 4 ten months but within the last 3 mnths I became asm in two of my deposit came up short but the thing about it is that I would never take it to the bank cause I have no car so the man from loss prevention came in questioning everyone but mainly me saying if I just say I took the money we can work something out where I can pay it back but since iam not a theft in never stole nothing I told him to do what he has to do in call the police so he asked was that my last answer I said yes in he told me he was done talking to me so I went back up front to finished my shift ,so my store manager called me the next day that morning in said he said for her to let me go in she didn't want to but had to in also said she didn't believe I had anything to do with that money I just don't understand why iam gone in its clear too see that I had nothing to do with that money because if he through that seriously he wouldn't had me locked up

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