From 11/21-1/22 I felt that the store manager intentionality focused on finding reasons to cause me to lose my job

There was assurances where I as asm counted another cashier/asm against my better judgment

I had been in conference with Distric manager of store 10341 which concluded in me being given a final

Not soon after against the solution that had been agreed upon (me only being back up and learning more of working one the floor I was pushed back onto the register which I reminded the store manager that I had a final he insisted that I do so therefore I did again against my better judgement whenever I was put on to recover the shelves where mostly bare so I worked with what was there only for the store manager indirectly saying that hba only takes 15 min to complete T that point I shook my head and kept working not to mention Id worked on end apps as well during Christmas sale my last day of work was 1/5/22 on this day I had ent taken a lone I was back up when I came in on 1/7/22 I was called into the office and was told Im fired because the till on the 5th had been short 5.986.00 short when I read the printout form it reads that I was failing in my work performance Im still trying to understand

I want to thank Family Dollar for the opportunity to have learned all that Id squire while working for your company

Ms. Toni Ward



Location: Dumont, New Jersey

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