I worked for Family Dollar for three years at store #2357 starting as a cashier and working my way up to a store manager until 5-30-2012. Over Memrial Day weekend i recieved an e-mail telling me to make several copies of a 10% off coupon to give out to employees family and friends.

was told to make sure i made several copies for employees and their family. I made the copies gave some to the employees and gave our returning customers that we see on a daily. on 5-29-2012 I was told that the policies have changed from what that had been for the past 3 years i have been employed with Family Dollar and i was being given a writen verbal warning. On 5-30-2012 my District manager came into my store to give me my verbal write up so i thought until i got to my office and she said that corporate had called the R.M.

and said it was to be a termination.

They owe me three weeks worth of vacation pay that i have been told i will not get and my last check is being prorated. There seems to be some disagreement on the termination because i have applied for unemployment and they gave something other than my termination papers state

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You are leaving something out, such as the real reason they fired you.


A verbal write up ? :upset

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