Oklahoma City Store #07808. I checked out had spent close to $ 50.00 and I was going to put large paper items in the cart and she stated I could not take the cart out of the store.

I had 8 to 10 bags of stuff and I ask her did she have someone to help me take the stuff to my car. She told me to go outside get a girl on break to help me. She stated people steal the carts, I could not believe what she had said, I have been going to that store since it opened up and spent money ever month not only had I used the carts but I also bring back in every time. By the way a young man behind me offered to help me with my things.

Why in the *** would I need a cart when I was driving a car. Just because you have some bad apples stealing your carts, we all should not be punished, get smart and think of a better way. For the good customers, I will not be back, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. 4/26/12 was my last time.

I have never seen so many complaints are you guys paying attention. Get a grip or you will fail.

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You haven't seen anything until you've seen Walmart. Luckily my husband works at the home office now so I can take care of those little pest cashiers a lot better.

You should just report that chick BTW.



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