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Pretty Sad I have been with the company 3 yrs have not missed one day of work ! I'm A very hard worker !

And after being an Assistant for years and only making 9.00 a hr. Come to find out somebody that has only worked for the company not even 6 months just moved up to assistant and making 10.00 hrs what the *** ! I have been over looked twice to take A Store Management position and very hurt by that. I know of two people who have told customers they reason for two people who where let go.

Thought we weren't allowed to do that and they took their positions!

And how can she give me cashier hrs now and the new cashier my hrs ? I thinks she is trying to make me quit :( Nobody will probably read this any way just had to vent

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I read it and I feel for you. I've been jerrkked around by corporate types too.

Sucks, but it happens all the time.

I saw Family Dollar on Undercover Boss and they seemed so nice. I guess there still are scummbaags there.


This isn't the Family Dollar web site. You are on a general complaint site.

No matter where you work there will always be employees that you think are treated better than you are. IF you were actually as good an employee as you seem to think you are, you wouldn't have been overlooked for promotions.

Not everybody can be the boss's favorite. I would be willing to bet there is more to this story than you are telling.

to anonymous Akron, Ohio, United States #944533

More then you will ever know ! People who do time in Jail For Drug Trafficking and making Drugs Can be a Store Manager ?

I don't even want that Title or Position To many Came And Failed And this one will too ! I don't Kiss Anybody's *** ! And I will never be the boss Favorite Because they are lazy I'am not.

And as Far as working 12 hrs with out a break is breaking the Labor Law. Don't Care what your opinion is !

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