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I am sure you are all aware of all of the class action law suits against family dollar with regard to making employees "managers" in title only. They work 70-90 hours a week with no OT however they are not doing managerial duties but mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, freight, register, stock-this is LABOR and as such you should be paid OT for any hours over 40 .

Apparently Family Dollar has purchased a judge in north carolina that now throws out all family dollar suits. To sue Family Dollar you have to file in NC this litigation needs to be moved out of NC in to a district that has not been corrupted by Family Dollar. Presently there are 1, 000 of plaintiffs and attorneys across the country facing this issue.

Family Dollar needs to be put out of business. Just search the net under law suits against family dollar-warning-you'll be shocked-A question for family dollar-exactly how much did that judge cost...I have a little money saved perhaphs I could purchase a judge

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family dollar all to be ashamed of there selves using people like slaves and not paying them they think cause they got money they can buy they way out of trouble. but guess what prayer changes things so get ready to pay what you took from your former workers!!!


my wife has worked for them for 13 years,i worked for them for 1 and that is where i met her.i am also a retail manager for a drug chain.the expectations that they want on the payroll you are given is impossible to comply with,unless you(as a manager)work 6/7 days a week,often by yourself for up to 5/6 hours.they care about employees so much that when she injured her shoulder unloading a truck they fought the claim without even taking a statement from the witness who heard it pop.we now will paying an attorney 33% of what she is owed to get it.they are a terrible employer.

to jackstraw New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #621272

i also i am and manager got hurt last year and have been going to doctors and therapy since and last week i was sent to take and work performance test and the company works with the work comp and they said i have non-organic pain behavior watch is was by doctors and insurers to discredit them..


Yea, 'manager' means salaried and no overtime regardless of the number of hours you work. I hope that, if you folks are full time, you get benefits.

Although even health insurance can be taken away thanks to Obamacare, you should have paid sick and vacation days. Forget the lawyer. Write/call the Dept of Labor.

Start with the state, then go fed. Good luck!


Wow my feelings too... and they lie to keep you there...

I feel so *** for changing jobs and going to work for them... they lied about everything...


i wish like *** we could take this company down. i've worked there for 3 years and i absolutely loathe this company.

"family" my ***!

they couldn't care less about their employees! With family dollar it's all about the money....

greed and more greed, is what they're about. FD is disgusting and i hate that i work for them!

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