The assistant manager at this store. Is a ***!

Point blank. She would not help the cashier at all and the poor girl had a line of 15 people, she was new first time at the register. I knew this because I went in the morning and she told me it was her first day working a register. How can you not have someone helping her??

This was my second time going in that day and the assistant manager was at another register not doing a thing, and was helping someone fill an app online, instead of helping this poor girl out with this long line. I went in a third time to the store that day around 4ish, to buy some clothes and of course there was a long line again more like 20+ this time, they were switching out cashiers I think for the day and this assistant manager yelled at the poor girl in front of us and made her cry because she made a mistake with some 20's or something.Told her in front of me and everyone else that she could have been fired for it. Who says that in front of customers? It was her first time working a register!

Give her a break. She made the young lady put back some returns or some stuff people didnt want and take out the garbage, once again yelling at the young lady. When the girl went to clock out the assistant manager wouldn't approve it, because she had worked over. So the young lady got mad and asked her if she could just leave.

The manager told her to finish taking a couple of returns back and me being at the back of this long line watched the girl take them to an aisle and just throw them where ever she could. Another customer seen this, and said "If that was me that stuff would have been thrown at that bitchs face." When the young lady was done she was walking out the door to leave the store and the manager tried to be nice to her and say she hoped she'd get the hang of it, and that it was her last day so the girl probably wouldnt see her again. The young lady looked at her and said Good! And went on her way out the door.

I don't blame her one bit. The assistant manager was a *** and would not help her out at all from what I seen from going in there. A couple of the other customers spoke up for the young girl. The manager said she was always tougher on the ones she thinks will make it here.

Which is a load of bull ***. She didn't treat the other girl at the register like she had the one that left. She was treating the other girl like they were best friends, laughing and talking. The manager must have been a little jealous or something of this young lady.

She was fat and ugly compared to the young lady who was really nice and pretty. Something was not right here. And I and a few other customers are glad that she will be leaving this store. A few of the customers told her about her self to which she just ignored them or said well she didn't do something right.

And?? that gives her the right to yell at the young lady? So happy she wont be back. And I hope that young lady can find something better than work for this crappy company.

she did not deserve what had happen to her. I do not believe I wil be shopping that this store again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Cashier.

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While in Louisville, KY sometime in April or May of 2013, the Family Dollar on Poplar Level Road near Indian Trail showed just our racist they really are. Except it was reverse discrimination this time.

The black employee and black manager waits on the black customers first and makes the white customers wait longer. They even call them names if they speak up, like "cracker." I complained to the manager, the district manager and that did no good.

So, I wrote a letter to the corporate office and they never responded. So, if anyone believes in equal protection of the law for all Americans, I say, boycott Family Dollar.

I will boycott Family Dollar and tell my family and friends to do the same.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #658384

Why in heavens name would anybody go to any dollar store more than once every couple weeks, especially three times in one day. My thought is that you kept going back to see what was going on with the manager and cashier.

Furthermore, it isn't any of your business how the employees are being treated. This new girl had to get used to handling long lines, because the time might come that she would end up having even longer lines.

Dollar stores can't hire more employees without raising prices and I bet if that happened you would be first in line yelling about that. Did you actually go right up to the line and count the number of people in the line or was it an estimate because of the length of the line, not allowing for thhe shopping carts that were occupying space in the line?

to anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #658555

Why do you care how many times someone goes into a store? Are you like the store police.


Pretty sure their point was that they didn't like the way this manager was treating an employee.

to anonymous #669133

Your a joke u must work for these *** people. If this company is so afraid that people r finally speaking out about them and the way they treat people then maybe they should change :(

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