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I went to family Dollar this morning located in Lexington Park Maryland at approximately 9:30 AM . March 3, 2020 to purchase a folder for a job interview.

I found one for $.55 and proceeded to check out in line. An older lady got in line behind me and then stepped in front of me to purchase her products, I said Im sorry I was next in line, the manager Mike proceeded to check her out I thought that that was quite rude however I proceeded to wait he was taking a while so I asked if I could just give him two dollars for the folder that was $.55 because I was running late for an interview. Mike, the manager became hostile, pointing overt vociferous toward me and said Im not servicing you and to, Get Out! Just leave the store and I asked him why?

He yelled at me and said Its my store! Im not servicing you, I get tired of, Your kind! I said whats that supposed to mean? He said put the folder down & get out, thats what it means!

I was nearly in tears, I did nothing to warrant his disappointment or action! I gave him the folder & left very saddened & upset! I decided it was best to make a formal complaint to corporate headquarters.

Ive never been mistreated & harassed by an employee in my life! I would greatly appreciate if The plight of this situation was immediately addressed.

Unhappy Customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Sales Representative.

Preferred solution: I would appreciate an apology for his egregious interaction with me especially as a customer care representative for Family Dollar. I would also terminate him for his this! I am holistically upset! .

Family Dollar Pros: Good deals.

Family Dollar Cons: Poor customer service, Manager unprofessional in front.

Location: 21703 Great Mills Rd, Lexington Park, MD 20653

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That manager acts like the people who run the no-tell motels. Whenever you complain about anything they become outraged at your entitlement.

When you stay at those places you just have to accept that everything is As Is/Where Is/Whatever There Is, and realize that you are in it for the duration and just try to make the best out of a bad situation. If life hands you a lemon, lemonade.

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