Its ok. It was a horrible experience i felt discriminated against for my age and was retaliated against for no reason.

Started job 10/30/21 Mistakingly sold a case that should have been opened and stocked on shelf ready for SALE . it was my second day. IT SCANNED AS ALL PRODUCTS DON'T IN THE STORE. I had no idea that the scanner would read it as a unit and charge as such.

It was my second day there and I caught the error and told the manager Marlene. She gave me two weeks off and said it was because of a pending investigation concerning assets. I

Called corporate because I had not been trained and /or that particular pertinent info should have been explained. She called and gave me 1 day and placed me on FINAL WARNING out of the two weeks she took me off schedule after I spoke to her manager named Anthony who called me representing corporate.

I heard no more from Marlene until Thanksgiving evening when she had a need. I got back to her late , agreeing to work and was told it was too late. I called the next day as hours are assigned. Marlene told me she had nothing for ANOTHER Two weeks.

I made errors just like other staff but I was becoming very knowledgeable and familiar with the store and procedures. I learned by Trial and error because Marlene said they don't train. and I needed to use common sense. On 3 different occasions she warned me about getting fired 2 of those occasions were flukes in the system and was corrected right away but her tone and threats caused a lot of stress and was noticeably different from the way she approached other staff when they needed help.

Also may I add the day I called out someone stealing and was pulled to the side for Marlene to say not " good job" or anything she says I should have been more alert WHILE CASHIERING and should have noticed the lookout person. Who was standing there. In TOTAL I WORKED ABOUT 5 TIMES AND IT WAS HIGHLY UNPLEASANT, VERY STRESSFUL AND EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL.


Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

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