I live in Athol, Massachusetts. I would like to go to the nearest family dollar more often( located at the hannafords shopping plaza in Orange ma.)But everytime I go the place is so filthy...unorganized and the people there are not polite...sick...and just miserable...never friendly.

There is a layer of filth....dirt and dust bunnies everywhere on the floor...it smells musty. Stuff is mixed up all over the place! I understand some level of mess when changing seasonal items but this is a disaster and theres a total lack of pride in this store.

I do like to shop at family dollar but since have resorted to walmart a lot more often..Also, my mom is older...57...she had a hard time getting over pnemonia recently..she went to this store...the woman at the register was coughing all over...wiping her nose with her hands..sneezing and sounded awfull...My mom mentioned to her that she should be home resting and the woman says" Well ya know....it's hard to be home resting when your a single mom with three kids to support!!" My mom did not want to purchase the products on the counter that she had put there because she didnt want to get sick...although she did....and then a couple days later...yup...back in the hospital...I just think that in todays society there are different ways of going about running a store...people should be happy they are employed and show pride in their jobs and the surrounding area that they are responsible for...I hope this was helpfull and looking forward to seeing a few major changes soon !! Thanks for listening!!!

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