The entire time that she was ( on the clock) working, she was talked on her cell phone. The entire conversation was heard from the front to the very rear of the store.

I, as a customer, do not need not want to hear an employee telling someone this, " I said take your *** into that kitchen, get two pieces of bread, the peanut butter and the jelly, make a damn sandwich, wipe my counter off, put everything back where you got it. You better clean everything up. I am not coming home to make you anything to eat, and I'm not coming home to clean up after you. Don't make me beat your *** This was the conversation nonstop!!!!!

I spoke with the manager about this, and she apologized and told me that she already spoke to her about this issue. The cashier's name is Keisha. Keisha overheard me and the manager talking, so she felt the need to interject herself into the conversation. Keisha told me that since she was able to get me checked out, then there was no problem.

I explained to her that her unprofessionalism was a big problem, the profanity, the yelling on the phone, everything about her was unprofessional. She told me that I needed to mind my own business. I let her know that as a paying customer, this was my business.

I do not want to come into Family Dollar or any store, and have to deal with this!!!!! Her telephone conversations should be private, and most definitely on her break time!!!!

User's recommendation: I am no longer shopping in Family Dollar.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

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