On June 13th, my manager Mirhiem Laham,(#8906), who doesn't do her job and doesn't work weekend and closes the store when she doesn't want to come to work or when she doesn't answer her phone because she doesn't want to do her job and keeps people who drinks on the job and also continue to keep people who has admitted to stealing money from customers, termination me for the assistance manager who has been drinking on the job was fired and go hired again, surprisedly stole money from the store when she quit for the second time. I was fired because I supposedly gave her the money to deposit,which I didn't because she has and did put the number to the safe in for herself and the cameras clearly shows this.

I was blamed for being there. I am trying to get in contact with HR for unemployment proof but there is no way to speak with anyone.

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Whatever you do, just make sure that you stay away from the restrooms at Family Dollar. you would be better off taking a dump out in the woods.


Get a lawyer, legal aide. Sue the Store and sue her too. You will win.


Not to worry. With your qualifications working in a dollar store we are sure you will have no trouble finding another satisfying, well-paid job in another dollar store or similar.

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