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this is ridiculous I was hired and of may , Clyde butch wheeler is the GM and Marsha is the district manager to 5765# family dollar Sullivan when I started I was unable to clock in butch told me he would fix it ! that week was 32 hours then I noticed every1 got paid but me and so after that 6hours I just left after also having a medical issues ..the following week he said I couldn't be paid til I signed papers why didn't I go that before I worked so here we are 38hrs later still unpaid NW it's 4months my pay rate was 10.50++ two weeks ago I called again the employee day he told me tell u he is not here ..then I texted him he said stop calling me stop texting me I forwarded your case to hrmm so for rent of July I'm still down on 200$ from my 800 $ rent fee I still have not paid that extra 200 that's now 350 due to 50!

!$$late fee this is crazy I filed labor board ! I should be paid double for my late fee at work an unable to get a battery for my car June 15th I depending on that paycheck so now it really has costed me three times more amounts Marcia was very very rude with me that is the area manager I was trying to explain it to her my voice might sound rude but it's not it's due to my throat cancer and its really raspy

User's recommendation: never work there.

Monetary Loss: $580.

Preferred solution: to get paid the 38hrs owed + 250 extra in late fee for rent.

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