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I shopped today at Family Dollar in Whitesburg KY. I had a cart full of items.

I went to check out and was rudely treated by the employees. I purchased 3 sprite 12 packs and the cashier couldn't make them ring up for 3 for 10$ There are 4 signs on the bottom shelf down by the floor, coke products and Dr. pepper 3 for 10$. The girl working followed me back to the isle and ripped off the 4 signs and stated that sale was over.

I'm old, I can't get down on the floor to see the fine print or the date. But I could see that coke and Dr. Pepper was on sale " I thought!" But that's not the worst of it...upon returning to the front to my cart....I discovered they had voided my order and I now was placed at the end of the line about 5 or 6 people back! SERIOUSLY!

Well I left the cart full and stated that was very Rude and left your store. You really need some responsible courteous people to work that store. Some one with a little more intelligence than what you've got working there.

There are 4 Or 5 Dollar stores close to where I live. I definitely dont have to shop there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Family Dollar stores are not really "dollar" stores, are they? You did the right thing in just leaving the cart and walking out.

Never return.

If you have one in your area, the Dollar Tree chain is really a dollar store---everything in the store is a dollar. As for the personnel in your Family Dollar store, just remember you are not dealing with rocket scientists.

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