I am appalled at the way the cashier addressed me today at store #10028. There is a city and county ordinance that all businesses require both customers and staff to wear masks.

As I walked up to the register the cashier was kneeling on the floor in front of the register arranging the candy. She and as I later found out, the manager were chatting. The cashier was not wearing a mask and she stood up and brushed past me. When she was behind the register I asked if she didn't have a mask.

She replied that they were not required to do so if they did not want to. As I was walking to put my hand held basket away she was yelling across the store asking me if it would make me feel better if she wore one, she repeated it several times as I was walking back to the register. I didn't want to yell back at her so I waited until I was back at the register to tell her yes. She made a show of going to get a mask and put it on then proceeded with her usual greeting.

I did say that she should have started off with that in the first place and she then proceeded to become argumentative. I asked to see the manager because seh was at this point being rude and just would not shut up. I too had already become agitated and she then proceeded to tell me that she did not have to listen to me, this after I had asked to speak to the manager. the manager walked up and she was still yapping away, the manager then told her that she had heard everything.

I then tried to talk to the manager and let her know that the issue now was not even the mask the way the cashier was responding and becoming argumentative. The manager then told me not to tell her how to do her job because she had been doing it for 5 year sand that they were not required to wear a mask when there were no customers. I want to know just what she thinks I am? There were other people in there as well.

I paid and left. The cashier followed me out the store to her car giving me dirty looks all the way there and back. She couldn't wear a mask inside but she wore one outside? Go figure.

I also looked up the FD Covid response statement and it says that all staff are required to wear masks. I know we can't all wear masks 24/7 but we can manage to take breaks so we can take them off. She works in a high traffic store and we all need to do what we can to stay healthy and safe. At this point my complaint is the reaction and treatment I received.

A manager is there to diffuse a situation not escalate it.

She should have just stopped the employee and asked her to walk away so she could continue with the transaction. I am appalled to say the least.

Location: Austin, Texas

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I think anybody who doesn't want to wear a mask should be Locked up under the Civil Commitment Act because they are a danger to society


What is so Hard about wearing a mask to Slow down the Virus and possibly stopping someone from being sick. I really don’t understand how some people just don’t care


See this is a good example on how judgey entitled nobodys that go to stores and start fights are toxic. I'm sure it's no surprise this has happened to you before since pigs like yourselves love to judge others. I bet you're out of work rail road trash.


Well, Karen it seems like you have had a bad day even tho your mission to cause trouble over an inordinate fear of some Chinese Virus made you feel good---initially. The employee basically was telling you to mind your own business and if you were so very concerned over the welfare of all mankind just shop elsewhere. When you blather on about some nonsense like not wearing a mask, don't expect rational people to cut you any slack.

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