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Update by user Jun 24, 2018

Personally talked to the compnay.

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2018

I needed fix a flat for my tire since it was going flat. I knew that Family Dollar would have it in stock, so I decided to go there.

I found what I needed and decided to get a few more thing since I was already out and at the store. While shopping my child found a toy and picked it up and started playing with it. Your associate my the name of Miela (or however it is spelled) seen my child playing with it and yelled “here it is that other banana” I then said “oh we’re aren’t buying it you can take it” she then said “oh it’s ok, he can play with it while he’s in the store.” I was like “ok” and finished my shopping. Well when we got up to the counter the manager Dorthy was checking us out and Miela was called up to help another customer ahead of me.

When Dorthy got to the end of my transaction my child then brought the toy up and put it on the counter and said “here mom, we’re not getting this.” This is where the problem started Miela felt the need to tell me that I had to buy it since my child was playing with it. I told her no we’re not because I told you we weren’t buying it when I was walking through the store. She then proceeds to tell me that it common practice and courtesy that your child shouldn’t be touching things in the store and that I should have brought it since he was playing with it. Now, she seen him playing with it when we were in the store and I told her she could take it then and she declined.

I feel that you shouldn’t tell anyone that they have to buy something because it was picked up off the shelves, played with or whatbhave you. She was in the wrong to say anything to me at all. I’ve been in customer service and retail long enough to know that there is a salvage department the company will get money back from it and you shouldn’t argue with a customer regardless of the issue. So, do to this reason and your employee I LASHARA BAKER WILL NOT BE SHOPPING AT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN!!!

her behavior was very uncalled for and I really don’t appreciate it.

I will continue to keep contacted this company or what have you until I feel this problem is taken care of. I really do not appreciate it AT ALL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Speak No Evil. See No Evil.

Hear No Evil. Little Monkey No Play With Banana In Store.


So the child broke the toy and this woman doesn't think she should have to pay for it. There is no hope for the human race.


Lmao. Wow.


Lashara Baker in Louisville KY. Do the world a favor and go away.

He was listening? How? Did you not teach your children common manners? I seem to remember a time when parents told THIER kids to NOT touch anything.

They were not rude, you just get uppity when someone tells you how to manage your little monster. YOUR CHILD is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. That includes grabbing ANYTHING off a shelf that they can potentially hurt themselves or cost money to you. You know WHO these people are that are telling you what your kids can do.

THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THE PRIVATE PROPERTY! They have every right to demand you control your child and are WELL within their rights to demand you pay for something your child has used or damaged.


But who are you to tell me what the *** to do with my child. *** he was good and listening.

I told the lady to take the toy and he extended it out to her and she declined. So miss me with the ***


Also what about your son's behavior. It is obvious he damaged the toy.

If you cannot afford to pay for toys that he damages then don't let him touch them. It is that simple.


She was not rude to you. You need to teach your son manners.

That if something is not his that he should not touch it. Maybe if you taught your little brat some manners you would not get rude service.

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