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Cashier was a bully and rude, the rudest ever. I stood in line and was admonished the entire time, in front of others on top of it, for not taking a coupon off toilet paper !!

Rather I was bullied. There are way too many other stores in my area that are not Family Dollar who have better prices and just as convenient. I can go to these other stores without being bullied by a cashier !! Never ever will I walk into another Family Dollar.

Store 00271. 6/18/18 10:31am.

You can be sure I will twitter, Instagram, facebook and use every social media I can to let others know. From the looks of your reviews people already are aware of the mess inside the stores, the filth, the inability to walk down aisles, and worst the RUDE Staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: None because I WILL NOT return to any of your stores. .

I didn't like: Being bullied, Employees and they way they treated me, How rude the store mgr was to me, Total inappropriate behavior of the employee an the manager, Manager unprofessional in front.

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I wonder.... if there are other places with better prices, why go there?


You didn’t get your way so you bad mouthed the store. Way to go!

to Anonymous #1506183

It has nothing to do with not getting my way or bad mouthing a store. I did get the refund on the coupon.

I even apologized for forgetting to take it off the toilet paper. She just kept on and on and on and on. I pierced my lips holding my words back and just smiled. When it was over I took my little 50 cents refund from the coupon and walked away.

No, never Family Dollar ever again. Exactly there are other places, tons of them, even with better prices.

So they want me to give my business elsewhere and I've been going there 13 years. Well done, wish granted.

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