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Items are marked one price and ring up another price. I've found that several items are ringing up .25 more at the register. Customers should not have to guess what the prices are, that's why the signage is there, I thought. It annoys me when this happens. Purchasing 4 items with a .25 mark-up is a $1.00 giving away. PLEASE fix it. It holds up the line when this happens, and it's aggravating to me. BTW, the outside looks so much better with the parking stripes and beautification. Thanks in advance.

User's recommendation: If the prices aren't the same insist price adjustment. Inflation did not hit the stores only, it affects you as well.

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Columbia, South Carolina

Pricing issue

brought numerous items to pay counter for purchase, two of the items rang up different than what I recalled where I picked them up in the store. the counter girl was not friendly when I mentioned, then got a bit rude when I asked why. maybe she was mad the store was...
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They won’t miss you.

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Columbus, Ohio

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I was verbally attacked by two employees !!!!!!

I accidentally left the store with merchandise I forgot to pay for becaue I was in a rush to get back to my elderly disabled father who just got home from the hospital was speaking to one of the employees and I totally forgot so I walked out and one employee a female...
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Well in the future do not "accidentally" leave without paying for merchandise. You won't be yelled at.

Not only did you "accidentally" steal from them, but you also denied it. I am sure your father was disappointed in you when he found out you "accidentally" stole something. I bet this is not the first time you "accidentally" stole something. Just the first time you were caught.

If this was a one-time thing they would not be calling the cops and having you trespassed. Yeah, it was a mistake, YOU STOLE, BIG MISTAKE. Face it YOU ARE A THIEF. They do not want you calling them.

THIEF. When you "accidentally" steal, you will not be treated nicely. I can't believe you would think that it is okay to "accidentally" steal. Then to claim that you did pay for the so-called item makes it even worse.

Once you are outside with the items that you "accidentally" stole they have every right to approach you. Why are you shopping if you are in a hurry to get home to your disabled father? Is shopping more important than his health? Your father needs to reprimand you for "accidentally" stealing.

When you take something without paying for it you are a THIEF, not a customer. Also the employees were NOT RUDE, in wanting you to pay for the items that you "accidentally" stole. I am sure you won't be missed. They do not like THIEVES in their stores.

Also they are allowed to go outside and smoke.

There is something called BREAK TIME. You are so full of yourself THIEF.

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Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Product prices
  • Employees do not have any customer service
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Terrible customer service and disrespect