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I went to the Family Dollar about an hour and a half prior to get some stuff nobody took my my little backpack small little backpack when I got there the second time not even an hour later the one who come up to me and said there's a sign on the door that says no backpacks it took everybody else in there nobody took their pocket now they took their bags I was the only white person in there none of black people had taken their bags for woman told me that was policy she said that she called the manager the manager said if I had a problem that I needed to call management Miss McKee Lakeisha Rogers told me that if there was a problem to call y'all I have never been so embarrassed in my life I visit y'all at least two to three times a week but I will never set foot in that door again I sincerely hope that y'all treat other people better than that I asked the woman where the sign was on the door and she couldn't show it to me because there was no sign I don't understand why I was pinpointed out but I won't shop at your place again the lady that told Dana at the store 84-84 and little has a coronavirus Bill a p h i f t h e r said he was doing what Dana had told him to do nobody was apologetic nobody was anything I asked the lady next to me why didn't they take her purse and she said why are you talkin to me again she was black I'm the only white one

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

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