I was in there on saterday at fam dollar on butternut st in syracuse ny gave him a 50 dollar bill he gave me back 36 in but the tewty dollars he gave me back was fake money n only reason iknow that cuse yesterday when i went to go pay for my meal at mcdonald they told me was fake n they did contact the police so there for im not happy that i got riped off my change from my fifty n lost out on my money cuse it was fakemoney n because of u store giving me phoneymoney back i almost went to jail n basically i got ripped off my money back from 50 cuse was fake need to start checking money get from people cuse im the one that ended up getting the phoney money back from your store n almost went to jail cuse of it n lost my money cuse was fake counterfitmoney

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Mper1327 you were able to translate that mess?


So what you are saying is that you know it was fake because you yourself pass out counterfeit bills. That is the universe paying you back in cosmic fashion lol.

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