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I am very disappointed in the type of customer service I recieved. Several occasions employees have been rude to me however today was the last straw.

Since it was busy the manager was helping the cashier; only customers paying with a card she can scan. When I approached her, she only place my dog food in a grocery bag. After I paid she walked off and said to grab the receipt myself and get the rest of my items on the counter. She didn't even bother to put the rest of my groceries in a bag.

I had to do it myself. This store is lacking 5 star customer service. I regret shopping there. Publix which is in the same plaza has superb customer service.

I will be taking my hard earn money there. Also I noticed the $5 coupon is now only valid on Saturday's.

Total disappointment.

The store # 02456

Last visit is 12/8/2020 approx. 1800hrs

Thank you

User's recommendation: Train staff.

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You you had to bag your items yourself. Hope you did not strain a muscle.

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