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I have been out of work going on 2 weeks now during this pandemic all because we have a petty, unprofessional, lying, lazy, and lack of communication of a store manager. She purposely doesn't send people they schedule trying to get them in trouble.

She's done it to her assistant mangers and employees who she seems to try and get rid of which I think is a disgusting mindset to have. Her communications with the team really sucks she will leave the facility on the clock without telling anyone and having all the employees and mangers wondering where she went when we need to ask a question or express a concern about work. Then she would come back upset at the team for not doing what she wanted us to-do , but she was gone when we needed to ask her questions about the work we needed to-do. The store especially the restroom is very unsanitary.

She's always wearing inappropriate cut up blue jeans wear you can see her thighs and ever other color shirt but red or a family dollar shirt. She catches attitude with just about every customer which is sad. At my interview she said nobody never stays at that job for long and that she can never keep anyone now I see why that place can never keep employees and good employees at that. Since I have been working 1 manger left because of the store manager and 4 employees left because of the store manager.

It's not the job because the job is really easy it's the spiteful leadership that's in the store manager position. I honestly think that the assistant manager would be a better fit for store manager because she's a hard worker and communicates with the team but doesn't get her props because the store manager doesn't like her. She gets away with all of this because the owner of the store allows her to which is disgusting.

I wouldnt be surprised if her other mangers and employees leave because of her since Ive been gone. Its not the job its her.

User's recommendation: If the store manger gives you attitude call cooperate on her. She gets alway with so much because people leave the store mad and upset but never report it to cooperate. Video record her if you have too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Manager.

Preferred solution: Replace the current store manger or transfer me to another store .

Location: 1424 South Federal Highway, Hollywood, FL 33020

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Maybe you need to quit, if you cannot handle your manager maybe you need to quit. Your attacking your manager online shows how childish you are.

You are obviously not mature enough to work.

Maybe she is not scheduling you hoping that you quit. Your attacking her online is what is disgusting.

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