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What happened was I had items in my hand trying to get a basket and I put 2 of the items that were small in my front pocket and put the other 2 bigger items in the basket. I walked straight up to the cashier to talk to manager and totally forgot I had but the 2 items in my pocket.

Till one of the girls said a red toy and it hit me that one of the things in my pocket was red as I was getting it out of my pocket and she was walking up behind me saying hey hey very loud get it out of your pocket I said I am and I am not stealing it. She said no no get out of here and I said no I need to buy these things. She said no I've kicked you out before and I'm calling the police. I said I have 200$ in my wallet I don't need to steal anything.

And I walked out she was rude and she was already in a mood when I walked in the store. She doesn't like me.

Family Dollar Pros: Convenient, Nearby location.

Family Dollar Cons: Manager was rude and not understanding of what i was doing.

Location: 534 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hartshorne, OK 74547

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I just like how you call grown women girls when you are the one acting like a five year old child


Also it does not matter how much money you have in your wallet I know someone who worked for loss prevention and some of the people they caught "accidentally" stealing had way more than you in their wallet.


So you were stealing.


Well no I wasn't if I was I wouldn't have been caught. No I don't steal

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