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STORE# 10326 850 Veterans Memorial Highway SW Mableton, GA 678-945-7054 The cashier was extremely rude to me. I asked her if we they had salt for the snow, she responded rather rudely, "NO", as if I had offended her in some way, but I brushed it off.

I guess she was pissed because I had a full basket of items that she needed to scanned. I worked diligently to ensure that I didn't take a up a lot of time because there was a line of people behind me. We she gave me my total, I quickly inserted my credit card into the reader, and when it asked me if I wanted cash back I said, yes, $25 (not realizing there was a signed that said NO CASHBACKS). She rudely told me to look at the sign that said NO CASHBACKS...I then apologized and said I was sorry that I hadn't noticed it.

She then glared at me with her eyes as if she wanted to kill me and proceeded to pull the $25 cash from her register. Then, she rudely threw the cash at me as if she wanted me out of her sight. I told her "Thank You" and she turned her back towards me and walked away to look out the window...totally ignoring me. I've seen this particular cashier several times before and her attitude completely SUCKS!

I work for Home Depot Corporate Office and one thing that we stress is GREAT customer service. There are a lot of Home Depot employees who live in the area, and one bad review of your store could become detrimental to the business at this location. We also have a community newsletter where homeowners voice their opinions about the businesses in the area.

My suggestions to you would be to see assure that you hire people who WANT to work, people with good customer service skills, and move people like her off of your front line. As you can tell, I am highly irritated, pissed, and disappointed in your business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Ha! "Glared at me with her eyes"...as opposed to glaring at you with her elbows?

Too funny!

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