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I just moved to Cypress gardens recently and saw the Family Dollar store and went it to just pick up two things. From the time I walked into the store I was stared at as though I was an inconvenience .

Mind you that I had just finished work and had my scrubs on and was dressed professional. The cashier would not stop looking at me like as though i`m going to take something. Really because i`m of brown skin color your going to just judge me and you don`t even know me. So i walked up to the register and was trying to pay for my things and the employee wouldn't stop staring at me and she was very rude, didn't greet me or say hello wasn't nice since i walked in the store.

So i just payed for my two items and left. The 2nd time i went there the another cashier did the same thing but this time my nephew needed to use the bathroom and i asked her if there was one and she rudely said around the corner wasn't specific as to which one it was or where it was. I told her nicely thanks and have a good day. I thought your suppose to be nice to customers, not to judge and not to be prejudice.

But instead what i experience was racial profiling and cashiers and worker with no kind of training. I guess this store dosent need my business and whom ever goes there good luck if your a person of color.

Review about: Family Dollar Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Layout of the store.

I didn't like: Employees and they way they treated me.

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No racial profiling as you describe. What is overlooked is that Family Dollar stores and Dollar Generals are placed more often than not in black communities.

The racial stuff happens because their pricing seems to be cheaper, but in fact is inflated because when you compare their weird sizing to places like Walmart or Target, ounce for ounce, apples to apples comparison you are paying more at the Family Dollar. That's racial profiling.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1337202

Perhaps the employee had trouble with your spelling like we who read your drivel did.


don't be so sensitive...worry about what your objective is & not what everyone around u is thinking/feeling/looking at


Winter Park, FL is only about 50% white, so I call BS on your complaint. You sound paranoid. Bad customer service does not = racism and if you think it is because the employees are white, then you need to look in the mirror for the racist.

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