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I went to the family dollar and after checking the cap before I put it in my basket and taking all items out of my basket one by one and checking the cap.I get home go to grab my bags and.

It got on my shirt, my pants, it had leaked all over the seat, it got my interior middle console and ruined a lot of the items in the bag.

The Store manager says to bring the items back in and she will replace them.

Oh yeah so I get the items I already paid for, but my car, my shirt, and my pants ruined, not to mention I have to take another trip back there. Then she has the gull to say, what do you want me to do beside that, it's not like we can replace your car. really.!!

So I got the district managers number and called her she didn't answer but I left a message and then I also contacted corporate.I'm not saying to give me a million dollars here, but *** at least an even value for the time, the annoyances, the ruined clothes and bleached car, and the fact that I have to get items replaced!!!

Review about: Family Dollar Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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The word is gall (impudence, disrespect etc...) She has the gall to say .....Gull is a seabird although I guess a bird would leave the same type of stains.

Come on we are talking about bleach here and from a dollar store and I work with bleach all the time you NEVER trust the caps.


REALLY?!do you know how many shirts i have had ruined bc of customers not screwing the cap on merchandise?

yes i was upset but you get over it.

its not like your clothes were expensive.and your car probably has other stains too.

to allm21 #904441

Excuse me little person you have no idea how much my cloths cause.Rather they cost $1.00 or $100.00 is not the point.

The point is if you were trained property or had any common sense you would know that you are not suppose to talk to people witout respect.

Remember we the consumers are the one the pays your mimuen wage salary.Again its not what you say honey it's How you say it.

to voney #976318

I know this is old, but I still want to help you out by translating.I think this is what you meant to say: excuse me, little person but you have no idea how much my clothes cost.

Whether they cost one dollar or one hundred dollars is not the point. The point is if you were trained properly or had any common sense you would know that you are supposed to talk to people with respect. Remember, we, the consumers, are the ones who pay your minimum wage salary. Again, it's not what you say, honey, it's how you say it.

There, now that is much better.I also have to say that I think you were expecting a bit much from a little bit of bleach damage.

to voney #986388

Call their corporate office at 1-866-377-6420 & complain which goes in an email to the District manger .It makes her look bad to her boss which is called the V.P .

Also in the Family Dollar bathrooms they are supposed to have a poster in the bathroom that has the D.M. ,the V.P. , loss prevention guys num on it & also the anonymous integrity # on it go over the D.M. Head to get action .

Also the store is supposed to do a incident report which is done on the store computer to document what happened & every store has insurance on for accidents like this to take care of the customers .

Hope this helps you .It's never to late to call !!


Ooooo yeaaa you got owned pretty bad. Epic racist reference is racist. But seriously though, what were you thinking?!


Ok...your car was NOT ruined.Sucks that bleach spilled in it, but bleach stains do not ruin a car.

It also sucks that the bleach got on your clothes too, but maybe you should have checked the cap more thoroughly.

Oh, and it is gall-not gull.Unless she's got a bird inside her...

to serfger Hearne, Texas, United States #904447

Ummmmm while you are playing English might consider getting a real job or better yet some real training on how to associate yourself with the public if this is going to be your career of choice.Ok enough of you for now it is senseless speaking with a person that has no value on life and settles for a dead end job instead of going to school and making a decent living...

Something you might really want to consider.Tootles*******

to voney Stowe, Vermont, United States #945662

This response was so mean-spirited.No one wants to be employed in a dead-end job, but all too often that is all that is available.

Have compassion!

The world would be a finer place if we could support each other, rather than criticizing and putting each other down.I vote for more understanding!

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