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Was in family dollar at 9:45 on a Tuesday night when the intercom came on and a male cashier said “our registers will close in 10 minutes, if you are not at the register at this time you will not be able to purchase your items, (said this twice) then.... bring your items to the register now to be able to check out!” And the voice he was using wasn’t a pleasant one, he was very angry!

Not to mention the math didn’t work out at all. So I get the the register and he just looks at me and rolls his eyes, he doesn’t speak the entire transaction except for a few sighs. I tell him I hope your night gets better and start to leave when a lady comes up with a basket and 3 kids. When he saw her he said...

“your kidding me!” (she had about 20 items ) he’s still dieing the same angry voice as before but now seems even more intense. He scared that poor girl and she apologized and said she was trying to hurry. So I stopped and told him.. hey this is your job if you don’t like dealing with the public and working nights maybe it’s time to find a new job!

You just scared the crap outta her and that’s not right! Besides the fact it’s still not even 10 min till 10! This guy needs a refresher course in customer service like yesterday! I’ve never heard anyone be so angry because he still has customers at almost closing time.

He didn’t respond to me at all, but the lady told me thank you! When I left the parking lot it was 9:56.

There was no reason to be that worked up when in the end everyone was out of the store before closing time. It was ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You’re pretty rude, aren’t ya? Mind your business.

Time to go is time to go. Most entitled people like to wait until the very last minute to do big shopping while employees want to go home after a long day of dealing with people that think the world revolves around them.


Also foolish little girl. You do realise that different clocks run on different times right. Also by not responding to you and your childish words, he is the bigger and more mature person.


When you got smart with him he should have banned you from the store. He probably has family he wants to go home to. Unlike you his family probably appreciates him and wants him around.

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