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I went in the store real quick to buy a drink that I knew was two dollars I came up to the register with my two dollars and she rang it up and it was 2.01 So I was like instead of going all the way back into the *** car I was like can you just spare me a penny....A PENNY.. and she blew her breath with a *** attitude talking to me like I was a *** criminal like ughhh Ill give it to you this time but dont ask me next time I looked at this *** like....I HAVE NEVER CAME UP IN THIS STORE ASKING FOR SPARE DAMN CHANGE!!!

really my family have been shopping at the store for over 10 years and every time we come with the right *** change not to mention how we support them in their cookie campaign or whatever the fuck.... every time we come in there or just a person of color walks in she has a stank attitude or shes looking at them suspiciously but when a white person walks in shes greeting them with good morning and good afternoon...

not to mention that white *** refuses to wear a mask sneezing all over the *** place getting droplets and *** all over the place in the middle of a *** pandemic..... I have completely boycotted that store my entire family has done so as well I will not come up in that damn store until the racial tension has changed thats why I go to the new Dollar General down the street they are diverse and clean and they all wear masks!!!!!

User's recommendation: Don’t shop here if you are darker than a paper bag....THEY ARE RACIST.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Family Dollar Cons: Only hire white people in the front they are racist, Disgusting customer service.

Location: 4336 Ridge Road, Douglasville, GA 30134

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