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on 1/4/2013 i went to store #05926 to get a few things and check out christmas discounts. everything was 75% off.

i got 4 pks of 4 christmas clothes boxes. originally $2 with 75% off they were .50 cents each. they scanned the original price but when i informed her off the signs and discounts she said she could not honor that price. this manager ashley called another manager shawn and she said they still could not do it.

i was pissed i took pictures and paid for my other items.please contact me at 616-432-4141 to further discuss this matter. not the money its the principal.

i shop here probaly 3-5 times a week. i am so mad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Unless you can prove that they INTENTIONALLY PRICED with merchandise WITH the intent to mislead you and make money, it is NOT false advertising. Try again.

Oh and, people make mistakes.


Next time call the corporate office at 1-866-377-6420 & make a complaint

Dimondale, Michigan, United States #605974

I work at FD and I can vouch for the fact that customers DO NOT READ the fine print. This sign does not include the gift boxes that you are complaining about.

It's not false advertising.

It's sad that so many people can't take the time to read.... by ranting like this you are just making yourself look like a fool....

to employee Orlando, Florida, United States #611856

He is right I had the same issue 2 days ago. Its false advertisement.

I called the manager over along with 3 different employees all they could say is your right but there is nothing we can do to resolve it as we just do as we are told by the corporate office. I think it creates a bad customer experience because Everyone is giving you the run around about why the product does not cost what there signage says.

P.S- I read the fine print but it didn't contradict what the signage said. Im now waiting on the district manager to give me a call back to resolve the issue...we will see how that goes but leaky123 I completely agree with you :? :( :?

Brockway, Pennsylvania, United States #602241

People never want to read the signs. I think this is a very good life lesson for you.

There will always be fine print in everything you do. Read it. This way you will not make an *** of yourself.

None of those signs say "gift boxes 75% off" I see "Christmas housewares" "decor" "garland." None of which are categories gift boxes fall under. And if you shop there all the time, you should not make a spectacle of yourself so that they cringe or laugh at you every time you go in there.

to Anon Allendale Charter Township, Michigan, United States #606002

yes in the picture if you look at the top you will see them there before you go name calling check it out and i know what was there so bug off


You are not very wise posting your phone number to thousands of readers.

Charleston, West Virginia, United States #593022

you know that they should have just let you have the mdse for 75% off because they should have had the pack up down before they put the signs up. The most important thing here is to keep the customer happy. You are our customer and the money belongs to Family Dollar not the Employees.


not all items are included in the discounts. some items are apart of a winter pack up which means they will be used next year. Also take in consideration that customers do not always put items back in the right spot.


Same thing happened in chester va. Said they were on a different shelf but they were all together by 75%.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #590786

i hope that once you review all this information you see how wrong this all i said i shop here real frequently as well as other family dollars and i feel i should be done right.

to leaky123 #598066

The christmas mardown signs listed the catagories, such as Christma Decorations, Christmas Ornaments Etc. Your picture just shows the markdown prices not the full sign.

to Anonymous #1048507

U.S. Code › Title 15 › Chapter 2 › Subchapter I › § 54

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No advertising agency shall be liable under this section by reason of the causing by it of the dissemination of any false advertisement, unless it has refused, on the request of the Commission, to furnish the Commission the name and post-office address of the manufacturer, packer, distributor, or seller, residing in the United States, who caused it to cause the dissemination of such advertisement. (Sept. 26, 1914, ch. 311, § 14, as added Mar.

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