Today I went to the Family Dollar on Fenton Road in Flint Michigan. One of the employees is on the phone in very loud and continues for using the word retard I asked her to stop I told her it's offencive I have a child who is autistic not retarded.

She continues to do it. So the other employee that was there with cashing me out and I told her you need to talk to her because that would his very offencive and I explain to her why.

She said she would talk to her, the other lady who was yelling the word walk stop and continues to talk to the girl about it and I say could you please please me that *** word I have an autistic son and yourself ignorant *** *** She says if I don't want to hear it don't come back to the store. I left my stuff at the store and I walked out and told her she's a dumb *** This is not tolerable you might want to check up on your employees and if I see you might want to check out people that you're hiring cuz they don't give a *** about the customers or offending them.

Preferred solution: Some sort of compensation for the discriminative vulgar language used and that employee to no longer be there.

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