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the store i work in the store manager doesn't follow company policies. this was reported to old dm and nothing was done to resolve the problems.he was told when extra deposits were in safe, that store manager does nothing but sit at computer, is rude to customers.

i was assured it would be taken care of, instead he came in ignored paperwork that proved policies weren't being followed and retired. he claimed to have passed it on to the new dm and she does the same thing. she signs off on logs that aren't complete, ignores multiple deposits going to bank on same day. everything out of her mouth is talk to your employees about signing logs even when manager admits it's her that didn't sign them.

the employees are the thieves not the customers. we are told to report discrepencies and when we do nothing is done, the store manager is rewarded for doing nothing while the rest of us bust our butts making up for her and the stocker who she allows to do less and less. store morale is extremely low and employees are to the point they don't care if anything gets done or not. most employees are looking for other jobs.

our store manager is rude, stinks, doesn't follow company policies, and lazy, and we are the bad guys. what is wrong with this picture? and why should we report anything when it is ignored and nothing improves,but only gets worse?

what do we have to do to get appreciation for what we do and for her to get what she deserves for a poor job done? many of our customers won"t even come in the store if she is there and don't feel it will do any good to complain because nothing has changed with their complaints either.

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