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I work for family dollar and from the very first day of managing my store i was in complete shock. In no way was i informed that i was going to be thrown into the worst store in las vegas and the first store in the company that had what they call i verify.

People who come in and threaten you no hours to run the store left there alone for anyone to come in and well just rob or kill me, and left to take thousands of dollars to the bank in my vehicle with no protection. After being moved to a less dangerous location i found i was in a complete pig sty. The previous manager was sent to a slower store and not ever given write ups for the mess she left due to the fact that that the acting dm was well infatuated with her. She is now setting in a slower store and just well GREAT.

So the new dm is bringing in people from his former employer and firing standing employees for family dollar. He has some illusion that he is great and talks to me like i am an ***. He has an agenda to replace us with people that have never been managers and i just want everyone in las vegas to know we are not *** and we all have been doing this twenty years more than this man has any idea and this is our town NOT HIS.

So this is what all retail has become people with no soul pushing people around because they get NO respect at home. Sad to ruin peoples life because u need to justify your miserable life.

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:sigh this is for customers, not employees who couldn't do there jobs. please contact the company if you have an issue.

p.s. you sound like a loser.

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