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The district manager gave our store low scores but the messy store nearby high scores (seems to be a running theme). Always complained about how we didn't do our jobs right, even though the managers of the store had been working there since before he had been with the company period and he didn't explain what new commands were, just said what they were called. Didn't describe them, so we were confused, then it was a big deal for him to explain it. Woah bro, don't strain yourself.

He has a vacation, then a "business trip", right.

I was having a conversation with a customer about how they had been blinded by a doctor, and I was showing sympathy towards them, and the district *** who was on the phone with my manager (I'm a cashier, a customer representative) overheard and said how I needed to "shut up and do my job". I wasn't being rude or obnoxious in any way, and there was nobody in the line. Sorry that I was trying to make a customer feel better, and you know, representing the company in a positive and caring way, my bad.

On a side note, the company wont let the air conditioning go below a certain temp. so it gets pretty hot in the summer, and you have to wear jean pants, so it's uncomfortable.

He get's mad if we need a day off in a unusual part of the week for something important, yells at us saying we don't want to work, and that he decides when we work, not us, even if it's just one day off for something important.

I quit from there, best feeling in the world.

Everyone, don't work for this company, just don't.

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:? why does family dollar pay more to new male managers than female ones in district 262


To *** with that place, I'll be leaving soon myself.

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