My husband, two year old daughter, and I went to Family Dollar on Highland Avenue in Washington, Pa to grab a couple things real quick. We were maybe in there for ten minutes but my husband n daughter were in a different isle than me n a girl that works there asked my husband if we wanged to check out bc they were closing very rudely and he asked what time they closed and she said "NOW!".

My husband was very angry and came and told me how disrespectful she was to him so we went to check out and she got an extremely rude attitude and said that she was a manager named Deena for two years and asked what my husbnd for a living which is none of her business or concern and i grabbed the wrong thing and asked the cashier to take it off and this Deena said she was doing us a favor for checking us out...? and told my husband he could *** leave WHILE MY TWO YER OLD DAUGHTER WAS IN HIS ARMS!!!! I told him to just wait outside and when he waljed out the little fourteen year old girl just hanging out at the register fter they were closed apparantly had the oddacity to tell me tht he was going to kill my daughter nd she felt bad for me. I didnt say much but that he is a great father and how tht would happen by him being disrespected and speaking up that she ws rude.

After we wlked out they let some young guy in there to hangout until they closed. So we called corporate and seeing wht to do about this sitution. I am so angry that someone considered a manager would act that way towrds customers. I do not know wht in the *** has happened to people these days but it is so unbelievable.

I hope this girl reads this and realizes that her job is on the line now and I am a very persistant person and I think Family Dollr has the right to know that their workers could careless about their customers satisfaction just their paycheck. Who would want an employee like that...not me!!

Hopefully she will lern tht disrespecting good people is a bad mistake because we will not leve this situation be by the wy she cted and swore in front of our daughter. If you are ever in Sashington I would definately go somewhere else because it is rare we ever get trsted very gret down there...it is a bad neighborhood too.

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Shelbyville, Indiana, United States #741330

Hours are clearly posted on the doors and whatnot. Think its pretty rude on your part to come into a store last minute when that manager had probably worked all day and was ready to come home. And yeah...your story sounds a little overdramatic...really....

Wayne, New Jersey, United States #660687

they hire the must rude racist and disrespectful ppl on earth. today the STORE MANAGER called my disable father *** HISPANIC, and didnt let him park across the street of the house, bc its closer to walk, because he had the truck delivery and my dad wasnt not even 2 miters close to were they were. and let me tell you this manager 5 minutes later brought HIS TRUCK TO PARK IT WHERE HE DIDNT LET MY DAD PARKED!!!!

oh and let me tell u their loading zone is around the street, and bc they dont want to work, bc they have to move everything from the back to the front.


Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #659198

And what are you doing in a store AFTER closing. Anyhow

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #658979

You really shouldn't criticize other people until you improve your spelling. Your complaint just doesn't sound true, are you sure you aren't upset with the cashier because she might have been flirting with your husband?

to anonymous #666481

sounds questionable on your part.

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