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while standing in line at check out there was a women in front of me,she went next to go to register 3,regester 2 was closed, register 1 was occupied, the gentlemen at register 3 was coming on to the female customer who was carrying a 33lb bag of dog food and insisted he carry it out for her but she kept refusing and he left his register following her leaving me standing in line, as he walked out he turned to me and said go to my register 3 the other gentleman will help you, I went to the register 3 and the gentlemen said to go to register 1 he cannot help me ,I walked over to register 1 as I put down my merchandise the gentleman who was perusing the female walked in at looked at me and said I told you to go to register 3,i said I was told there that the register was closed and he instructed me to go to register 1, I am at register 1 now she can ring me up ,she refused to check me out as she was instructed by him not to help me, and he insisted I go back over to his register or I will not be allowed to make my purchase, I told him it was obvious what his agenda was and that I will deal with it later, just ring me up, I am a customer and want to leave, with that he started screaming at me throwing up his hands asking me what I meant and made me very uncomfortable I told him I was leaving and he told me to f---king leave as I did, I told him to go F--k himself he will be reading about his deplorable behavior in writing, he said f--k you as I walked out, there are cameras everywhere in your store the incident occurred at approx.2:45 PM to 2:55 PM on Sunday 10/23/16 you can view it all and see how he totally disrespected the women he was perusing while making me wait and then disrespecting me when he returned, I am outraged at his behavior and even more embarrassed that he instructed the women at register 1 not to ring me up leaving me defenseless, this is not a person you want to be in charge of your establishment ,you just lost a good customer over a person who puts himself ahead of your business to try to hook up with your customers, what a disgrace.

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