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do not go to family dollar that is on markley st in norristown, pa because if you browse or anything and leave the store they will come out and question you why you didn't buy anything not only that later on they will falsely accuse you of stealing something when you put the products down in front of them and walk out to get your wallet from your car they will falsely accuse you of stealing and i had this jamaican woman that works during the day was laughing at me and making fun of me and making fun of the way that i walk and was asking me why i didn't buy a certain item which all of what i have found is discrimination against the white race and discrimination itself and i will never shop there again because of the rudeness, discrimination, and all of the harassment that i was experiencing and i can't believe that the person wasn't written up for fasely accusing someone of stealing and knowing it because i placed the item in front of her while i was walking out to get my wallet

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Gilbert, Arkansas, United States #243293

nerdlinger, she said she set her things down IN FRONT OF THE ATTENDANT and THEN left the store. Read the article before you call somebody a "poor excuse for humanity." That human is at least capable of READING.

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