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I love the Family Dollor Store in Aurora,Mn. But you need to have drug testing with out notice and the workers are always on the cells talking or playing games one boy showed me a game he was playing.

And the manegers boyfriend is a drug dealer and so is she!!!!! You had a good down to earth christian lady working for you and we all miss her happy disposition!!!

Just because she was disabled with a muscular problem she was axed how unfair when she is divorsed and a single parent trying to make ends meet!! Sincerly, Mrs.Radke

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listen carefully...if u are so dissatisfied at the employees, dont shop there. Life is not what u want but what u make of it.

This peeps you talking about make very little money and maybe are not sooo dedicated as you are.

It is what it is. Take a chill pill and remember we are 700 billion people on earth, not everyone can be as perfect as you.

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