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Family Dollar in Sunbury NC. Worst store I have ever been in.

There is so much junk down the aisles you cannot even walk through to shop much less push a cart. Empty boxes filled with trash. Trash and dirt under the wall units. Boxes of stock left in the aisles, not one day a week, EVERY day of the week.

Some aisle there is no access at all. This is a NEW store in our area. Contacted the district manager after it was open 3 months, same issues. Took photos.

He promised it would be handled and to call him again if I needed too. NOTHING was done.Still the same. Employees who by the way are all black, not an equal opportunity employer either, sit on their rears either talking to each other or on their cell phones. I tried to shop there but it is impossible.No access to merchandise.

Most aisles are completely blocked off. Last time I went in I started photographing it AGAIN in hopes something would be done. A young black kid with his dreads came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I know you are taking pictures.

I responded I sure am, this place is a DUMP. Well I am telling you you have to leave the store and are banned for life. Now I busted out laughing. Really!

Who do they think they are? Reported this incident to Family Dollar....NOTHING was done, never received even a response. Tried calling their number...NOTHING. I run a community organized group in my area with a website...and trust me I am going to spread the word.This company is a joke and could care less about their customers.The stores are an eyesore and it really is shameful since this one is almost brand new.

I would hate to see a store that had been around for a while.Being a business owner myself for 25 years, if I treated my customers like they do, I would have been out of business. My advice to anyone reading this. Do not shop there.Since when is it a crime to photograph a junky store. Oh did I mention my business.

I am a professional photographer by trade.

I know what is legal and what is not concerning photographing anything in a public place. Get real Family Dollar.Your stores suck, as do your employees and you upper management who don't give a flying flip about their consumers who support your stores.

Review about: Family Dollar Manager.

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This is a couple of years old but I'd still like to leave a comment.

I'm employed by Family Dollar and I can tell you that the condition of the store correlates to the Store Manager and Customer base. If the Store Manager (SM) and Assistant Managers (ASMs) are on their A games, the store will look amazing.

Customers are the problem in half of cases involving dirty stores.

It's convenient to place merchandise wherever throughout the store when they decide they do not want it. Versus handing the merchandise back to the cashier (who knows where the product belongs, hopefully). Children of Customers are another issue.

They will grab items off the shelves, such as toys, and leave them wherever. I call it total disrespect for another persons job.


The General Rule: If You Can See It You Can Shoot It

Know Your Rights: Photography in Public

Your basic right is actually pretty simple: if you're in a public place and you can see it, you can shoot it. This means as long as you're in a public location you can legally take almost any picture. However, if you're using a telephoto lens, parabolic microphone, or hidden camera to get a shot of a private property when you're standing on public property you might have an issue if someone on that property has an expectation of privacy. So, what constitutes a public place? Most places are obvious, a park, a street, a soccer field—these are unquestionably legal places to take pictures of anything happening. But what about all those Instagram photos of food you've taken inside a business? That's a little different.

Generally if a private property is open to the public (like a restaurant, retail store, tourist areas, etc) you are allowed to take photographs and video unless it is expressly posted somewhere on the premise that you can't. In most cases it's okay to assume you're allowed to take pictures and video in a shop that doesn't expressly forbid it. However, if a property owner (or store employee) tells you to stop, you have to stop. More importantly, use good judgement and assess the situation and environment before snapping pictures.


Well funny thing the first time the store was junked up the District manager was glad I had taken photos. Not worried,,,public is public.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #663226

From what I have heard most businesses don't allow pictures to be taken, without consent of the store manager. IF you are a professional photographer, I would be willing to bet your expertise isn't in the line of going into businesses and taking pictures of what you see. I have heard of people getting into trouble with the law for taking pictures in businesses.

to anonymous New York City, New York, United States #663260

if its public you can take them. i dont know where you live.if you see something wrong people take the photos.glad to see someone standing up for whats right. ,)

to Anonymous Sunbury, North Carolina, United States #679199

Yes I am not afraid to stand up for what is right. As far as Family Dollar goes...still a crappy store and I have talked to many people on my citizens awareness site who also will not shop there either.

Always the same story, dirty nasty store, junked up can not get down the aisles. Luckily we have a Dollar General which I was told by a fellow citizen is the #1 store in the state. It's clean, organized and the employees are pleasant. They hire people from all nationalities which I love.

Male and Female. Family dollar appears to only hire blacks. What's with that anyway?

Have never heard one word from their corporate office which rings out loud and clear, they could care less about their customers. :(

to kathymalaspina Spring Branch, Texas, United States #679209

Well, just pay attention. Dollar General is becoming the SAME way as Family Dollar stores.

Crammed with more and more products, not enough personnel to keep items stocked and out of isles and most of all NOT ENOUGH SPACE for them to put anything on the shelves. Corporate made these Dollar General stores TOO SMALL to begin with and they keep on shipping and shipping more goods. Most times it is not the fault of the employees. They just can't stay on top of all the *** Corporate shoves on them!

The worst insult I made to my Dollar General manager recently, was that "our" store was starting to look EXACTLY LIKE a Family Dollar store! Sad..... and notice, there is hardly anything in the store that sells for A DOLLAR anymore! Corporate was smart to name it Dollar "GENERAL".

But that is about the ONLY thing they planned ahead on.


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