I was very disgusted with the Family Dollar Store #6482 Las Vegas, NV. This store was the dirtiest stores I have ever been to, outside and inside.

I also had to stand in line and listen to several employee's complain about another employee the content of there subject should not have been for customers to hear.

I have been to many other stores and never encountered such disregard for those around them. Please teach your employee's to respect there customers by keeping there personal comments to themselves and please get someone to clean up the trash that lays all over the place outside it looks like homeless people have been living in the parking lot.

I would rate this store as a big fat F+.

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I had recieved a flier in the mail boasting about their "Lowest Prices!" I decided to go see this place for myself. As soon as I walked inside, I felt an aura of POVERTY arise.

The staff are ignorant and look dirty. I came in looking for notebooks at reasonable prices. However, they were rather difficult to find under all of the dirt and clutter. The store is dusty and although it is summer, there are still Christmas decorations around the store that have withered with age.

I asked an employee to help me find the notebooks. He smelt awful and had pieces of his scalp falling of his hair, almost like he had a severe case of dandruff. Everything including the candy was covered in a this layer of dust. The cashier was very rude and ghetto.

Her lips were bigger than her face. She refused to accept my credit card. She said it wouldn't work.

She called the manager and after 15 mins he finally came down and told her that my card was fine and the ghetto cashier was wrong. :eek


Since taking Family Dollar Store's 3025 E. D.I."Sleep Aid" containing 100% Diphenhydramine, on and off for several years, I increased its nightly use because I was getting use to the addictive drug and it did not work as well; Sunrise Hospital (10/28-30/10)kept me under medication in an unconscious state for three days creating this extremely expensive bill $60,000.00. (after write-off), plus ambulance and drug bills, etc., I am not sure if this was actually medically necessary, even though I am 61 years old, but the drug caused the seizure, nosebleeds and spitting up clots of coagulated blood.

The CVS pharmacist answered my question when I asked him if this drug was safe to use with the blood pressure meds I picked up there; that diphenhydramine is a dangerous drug and should not be taken by people over mid 40's. CVS television commercials state it is dangerous and to use a product which does not contain this drug. Two months of juice (fresh pears) therapy flushed the drug from the lower extremedies of my body, with thoughts of suicide in the last two weeks. I lost work for many months and still have occasional seizures so I cannot start new jobs.

This all caused the executor of the estate since the death of my mother, my sister Debbie, to doubt and instill her narcisstic temper on me, asking me to leave my father's house because she did not want to be responsible for me. She will not allow me to try to sell our collection of Ten Renaissance paintings because she does not trust me in this mental state. Also, the ambulance attendant caused damage to my right arm while attempting to restrain me, making it difficult to even wrtie my name. A police officer and my sister witnessed this and the attendant was told by the officer to stop hurting me. The problems caused by this drug creates a lot of tension in this household for my 89 year old father and myself. We are having a very diffcult time paying the bills without my ability to advanced in a job situation, although we own our house free and clear.

I believe this dangerous drug should be taken off the market or at least labels adhered to the boxes of products containing this drug. This company and the paharmacutical companies that makes products containing diphenhydramine should be sued by anyone who has had these symptoms and have been hospitalized or by the family if the person died. The FDA has been warned and MedWatch said they would look into it, but nothing has happened, the drugs continues to be sold and does not have adequate warning labels.

Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, United States #83786

medford, ny employees are rude-a$$ naggers (sub "i" for "a").

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47976

I would like to know what juicy gossip were they discussing about the other employee?


Our FAMILY DOLLAR is the same way.It must be a franchise requirement.


You need to teach yourself proper grammar and spelling before before demanding things of others. You make yourself look like an ***.

Which you are. ***.

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