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I bought (4) Items and candy... Every Item was from .25 Cent to .50 Cent Higher at check out...

That's a $1.00 overcharge, if this was the 1st time, I would over look it, but it's not... I think Everyone better start checking, at check out... Gain 32oz shown $6. instead $6.50; Gain Dryer sheets 24 count Shown $2.00, instead $2.25; Bayer 81mg Shown $2.25, instead $2.75...

Bringing to the cashier's attention, she gave me my correct charge, how many other's don't check their prices? Is this a Company policy to increase their bottom line?

From what I can see most of these Family Dollar Stores are in Lower Income Area's... To Add Salt to the wound, it's shown as a Savings on my receipt of .75 Cent, because she had closed the drawer, she verified, the incorrect cost and gave me the difference, in which was .25 Cent...

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Naples, Florida, United States #625910

She fixed it. Move on.

to LadyScot Houston, Texas, United States #625955

I did many times, maybe they will correct their problem, and other's will not pay more that they should, don't you think that's Fair?

to George111 Naples, Florida, United States #625962

What I think is fair is that consumers realize that as long as humans work then humans make errors. I also know that people who complain about easily corrected things always expect perfection then expect compassion when they themselves make mistakes.

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