On 10-25-11 I was shopping in a Family Dollar store located in Riverdale Ga located on Ga hwy 85 (it recently opened). After work I went in to buy some personal items.

When I exited the store one of the employees came out behind me stating the alarm on the door beeped when I walked out and its not suppose to beep. The clerk reached for my bag and I gave it to her. My products and receipt were in the bag. The clerk then asked me to come back inside the store and led to to a back room.

I asked the clerk what are we doing back here. The clerk responded I didnt want to do this in front of the other customers but I need you to empty your pckets. I was in dressed in my security work uniform and clean shaven and I couldnt believe I was being searched. I complied with her instructions and once she saw I didnt have anything on me I was free to go.

I have shopped at the Family Dollar store since my childhood and have never been detained or searched before. That was the most humiliating experience of my life. I wont go back into that store again. Im not saying she broke the law or even broke the rules of her job, but I didnt like it and I didnt appreciate being branded as a thief in front of other people.

I would have rather she searched my pockets in front of the other guest at least then they would have known that I didnt steal anything. A horrible experience to say the least.

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