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I live across the street from Family Dollar and I watch employees destroying new items and putting them in the dumpster I don't understand why you can't clearance them even at 90 percent discount your 10 percent would be more then throwing them in the dumpster and making them unusable in this economy I don't understand your procedure There are so many people in need that would be so appreciative to get a Good deal on something you're going to toss away I have asked employees why they do this and they tell me it's company policy

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I first became aware of this practice back in the early 80s when somebody told me that a discount store did that. One day when I was in the store I asked the manager why they didn't just donate the items to a thrift store and the reply was why should they do that so that the thrift store could sell an item for fifty cents and make money off it? I didn't tell them that the guys that worked for the private garbage company that picked up their garbage went through the trash and any clothes that they thought their wives could repair after store imployees slashed it in several places was taken home instead of to the dump.

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