I entered the family dollar on randolph street this evening in Thomasville nc I was told that I would have to leave my backpack at the counter and I refused and told sonya and the store manager that it had military records in it and the only people that had rights to my records was the police the u.s. government and myself the manager told me that if I didn't give up my back pack to leave or she would call the police I told her to do it because my stepbrother is with the police department and that was descrimination they said so sonya proceded in telling me to get the *** out of the store and while I was unlocking my bike from the cart rack out side sonya was giving me the bird and saying f*&% you to me

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Feel like i should shop elsewhere.

I didn't like: Hostile and bad customer service.

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Yes I smell entitlement here. Thank you for your service, but stop with the discrimination stuff.

You had a choice, and you wanted to act like a fool so you got treated like you deserved.

Next time make a better choice.

And, incidentally, if you want us to try and even remotely buy into your nonsense, spell discrimination correctly.


They have every right to ask you to leave your stealing bag up front. You right as a vet doesn't override their rights as a citizen.

Or have you been a self entitled so very full of yourself that you have forgotten this. You chose to get an attitude and were told to leave. Had you done this like a good responsible citizen then you wouldn't have been given the bird. But by your actions and your actions alone were you asked to leave.

You being a vet had zero to do with it and you are using your status as a vet to garner sympathy for your poor actions in public. Grow up loser, you are why ppl don't respect vets anymore. Acting like some self entitled potentate in public only shows you are the problem.

Isn't that fact that each and every citizen in these states have to pay you through taxes enough of an attaboy? You need extra recognition for something you did how many decades ago?

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