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Debbie is a very rude person she certainly doesn't need to be running a cash register or working with the public what so ever none of the other ladies that work there act like this very nice but not this one put her *** in the back stocking shelves besides she looks like a clown with all that makeup she wears but I ask about some rugs that was in a shelf and the sign on the shelf said wow .75cents and the shelf under it said 1.88 they both had stacks of rugs on them now if it had been 1or 2 rugs I would have been like no but this was stacks of rugs so I picked 3 or 4 of them up and went to ask if they were really .75 cents and 1.88 and she looked at me like it pissed her off and like I was trying to hoodoo her but I'm not like that I'm like anyone else I like a good deal but by the time I left this store I felt like I was being labeled as something I'm not and I don't appreciate it ....

Product or Service Mentioned: Family Dollar Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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