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Store number 0230* 634 Prospect Kansas City MO store employee Sophia Tran needs to be recognized by your cooperation. I'm new to this part of town and come in this store often.

On March 26th I saw this young lady run out the store as I pulled up. Ms Tran, your employee. Who I noticed was chasing a customer. I know this because I asked her after.She was chasing a customer who had left something behind in the store.

After doing so the look on her face. She was smiling. The customer was happy that Ms Tran took the time to do so. It was just the positive energy that I have seen her have when I come in the store.

Sophia viewed it as her job . Right she was. I just would like to let you know she takes pride in it. her attitude about it.

The smile on her face while doing it. Sophia Tran is very great at her job. Fine representation of customer service above and beyond. Her attitude and attentiveness to her customers keeps me coming back.

I think you should let her know you value her. The job is challenging it takes a beautiful spirit to stay up beat in that environment she definitely does a fine job. Please as a customer I'm asking that you let her know you a billion dollar company appreciates her doing a fine job as an employee. I don't know this young lady however I did take the time to ask her name because she touched me that day I had a horrible day , she was a sunshine in my day and I appreciate her humanity thank you.

I just thought you should know. Yes

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The best way to let her know that she is doing a good job is to print out this review and give it to her. This is a third party complaint site and Family Dollar may not get this message.

This site is usually for venting. Or making other people aware of a scam to avoid the scam ect.

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