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My son and I, had gone into the family dollar store in the Skyland shopping center in Spring Lake North Carolina to purchase some bathroom tissue. My son put the bathroom tissue on top of one of the counters the sales associate named Deborah says to my son can't you read That was a very derogatory statement to anyone especially considered my son is a young African-American male.

This initial statement caused us to become a bit upset an argument ensued about the purchase of the bathroom tissue because the sign is not clear at all about how many rolls of tissue you can purchase, my son swore out loud when she wouldn't let him pay for the tissue, so then she said no sale and took the tissue back and told us to get out of the store several times. I spoke to my daughters about the situation, both of them being in the legal field, One being an attorney the other a paralegal, and they were not very pleased about the way their mother and brother were treated.

User's recommendation: Choose another location.

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

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I do not think this is race related. I think the employee is just a *** Though you have no legal action as your son swore at her.(Not saying she did not have it coming. Anyways your daughters in law school should have explained this to you.


Were they pleased at the way their brother behaved? Did you tell them how rudely yoru son behaved.

I doubt they would have an issue with it because you probably brought them all up the same way. To be rude, and to play the race card when things do not go their way. You did not even correct your son when he swore. This is why they kicked you out of the store.

You mistreated them.

Your son needs a good slap across the face and so do you. IT appears that you think that being African American allows you to mistreat people an if they tell you off you can play the race card.


Your son was asked that question because he did not read the sign. This has nothing to do with him being African American.

The only person who thinks your people are illiterate is YOU. Otherwise you would not ASSume this was a race related issue.. Why is it that others do not have difficulty seeing the sign, only you do? Your son swore, and you did not correct him.

IF people think badly of your race it is because of you and your son. I hope your daughters cautioned you of how they can sue you for playing the race card. I am sure there is more to this story that you "forgot" to tell your daughters and everyone else.

Well the cameras can see to that. But you will probably accuse the cameras of racism as well.

@Terrika Ecb

He was definitely corrected I said nothing of a legal standing I was just letting you and everyone else know that heis educated as well!

@Alexis Gia

Who was he corrected by, you or someone else?

@Terrika Ecb

Does it really matter. He was so angry at this point that he started calling the racist cashier a cracker and white piece of *** Then this baby started crying, and he told the mother that if she did not stop her baby from crying that he would slap both the baby and her.

It was her that told my son that she was out of line and he threatened to slap her.

Because he was so loud the baby started crying and my son said if you do not shut that cracker up I am going to slap it and you will see what the word "colored" really means. This is when they kicked us out of the store.

@Alexis Gia

Cracker is a racial term. If your son is going to use a racial term you have no right to complain about racism.

I bet it made your son feel like a big man to threaten to hit a baby. I bet it made your son feel like a big man to yell so loud that he made a baby cry.

@Terrika Ecb

Who’s my people?

@Alexis Gia

Now do not go around making a fool of yourself by claiming the term "your people" is racist. You son is not educated.

He has no manners. He gets that from you.

Basically you are the one that thinks that African Americans are uneducated. Not all are just you and your son who does not know how to behave in public.

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