I live near Family Dollar on North Main st, the one in the same plaza as Walgreens. I'm constantly shopping in your store.

All the employees are great except for the Store Manager not sure why she has a problem with me she treats me differently. Maybe cause I dress and act a certain way and she doesn't like it. Its discrimination and I feel completely uncomfortable in the store when she is there. The way she looks at me and acts is not professional at all.

In fact I try avoiding going in when she is working but I shouldn't have to feel this way. I'm a loyal paying customer like every other customer in and out of this location. The store manager should set an example for his/her workers not discriminate and stare at me like I'm doing something wrong because of how I may look, talk, and act. Her funny faces make me feel extremely awkward and make me want to leave the store immediately without making my purchase.

We live in a time where people are different and we express our selves openly because it is our right to. She should not hold a title where leadership and managing are important. She doesn't care on how she leads her team and manages them in poor fashion. I'm completely disgusted by this Store Manager it amazes me that she even has the title of Store manager with such poor and unprofessional attitude.

She sets the tone and example of this store and has set the most poorest and disrespectful experiences I have ever had at any retail store.

Family Dollar were She consistently expresses this type of poor attitude and behaviors. This is not right and I don't understand how she is the Store Manager w such a hostile unpleasant attitude.

User's recommendation: Shop different location.

Location: Fall River, Massachusetts

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