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Family Dollar - Sanitary Conditions Review from Tucson, Arizona

What kind of a store are they running,when the family dollar store on Prince Rd and Flowing Wells, have no consideration for their Customers. For one they have no public restrooms ,havimg to leave the store and hunt down a bathroom,is not good business. And they do not want you taking their grocery carts outside the store, when you have just bought $80.00 dollars worth of merchandise. And expecting you or an elderly to carry heavy bags clear to the parking lot,what if it is a elderly handycap person,do they expect them to carry bags that far? I am disgusted with this store, and it should be investigated . My Aunt and I are no longer go to go to this store.

Bad Batteries Review

Batteries lasted one week
While calling for Family Dollar asking for a job position I thought they had, the manager asks for my whole name first, and never gave his own, and pretty sure he wasn't even paying attention to the call. All this for about 2 minutes hearing a very harsh tone in his...
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kevin richards

Sounds to me like you are bitter that you did not get the job. This usually happens when someone has a childish attitude like yourself. Why would he want to hire someone who...


family dollars have all these complaints don't understand why they don't be careful about who they hire they are rude an have no respect an most store are in the hood so you n...


Family Dollar in Tucson, Arizona - Casher made a mistake when Tring to reslove discounted items

I went to the family store on N.campbell Ave. Tucson, I spent 51.17 . discounted items was rang up wrong so another casher Jerri tried to reslove that . She didn't do it the right way anI am now out 16.00 It can be resloved but at your end, if I had to reslove this I would look at the video and paperwork Time13:10:59 Date: 12.24.11 I get they were busy but their way of doing things were not pro- and the way that their wasn't a willness to reslove this is wrong
Upon entering a Family Dollar store here in Tucson, AZ you will be told to remove certain articles of clothing as well as told you will have your purse searched upon leaving the store. Their reasoning is that they have problems with theft. -Doesn't every store?...
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Unless your a regular customer at FD then you wouldn\'t be shocked at the ridicoulous items people steal (diapers, wipes, socks, underwear, kool aid, tampons, pads, hair produ...


I think that we the customers need to start boycotting Family Dollar. If the customers stop shopping there then they wont have a problem with shoplifting or the searching prob...


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