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So, I went into my neighborhood Family Dollar, like I typically do once a week. I seen a sign that said "25% off All Bluetooth speakers and headphones". Well, the set-up, only included Bluetooth speakers and several different brands of headphones. When I got to the...
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Issue still not resolved. Absolutely no communication from the store. I have since stopped going to Family Dollar, even though it is the closest store to me. The quality, m...

I didn't like
  • False or misleading advertisement
Then try "family" dollar where the employees are ex-junkies, mentally ill, or straight out of an old jerry springer episode. If you're saying the same applies to walmart, then why are family dollars 1/5th the size with the same amount of BS. Do you like lazy employees...
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FD is understaffed, over-worked, underpaid and unappreciated. They're burned out, then have to deal with a***oles like you that could not give two shhiits less about what they...

I liked
  • Parking was plentiful
I didn't like
  • Unprofessional outfit
  • Manager inappropriate language
  • Being spoken to rudely

Family Dollar in Phoenix, Arizona - Lousy Logistics

I have been a merchandiser for over 10 years and am currently working on some of the remodeling being done on Family Dollars nationwide. From what I've seen during my current work there, Family Dollar hasn't a clue when it comes to organization and is looking too hard at the pennies to see the dollars fly away. Fixture trailers are sent out without the fixtures being properly secured so that upon arrival these same fixtures look as if they have been thrown into the trailers. I guess pallets and shrink wrap are considered to be too expensive and as a result off-loading requires 2-3 times more man hours than a properly secured trailer would take. Also, the company policy of no overstock storage requires overloaded shelves and makes proper rotation of dated product near impossible, so be aware of this when purchasing any food, health and beauty, or medicinal item. And these are simply two of the many poor logistic practices I've seen while working in these stores. Having worked to remodel close to 450-500 different stores of many types during my years as a merchandiser, I can without a doubt say that Family Dollar is the worst retail organization I've ever seen.

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